hi, my name is julia. welcome to all the little things.

i started this blog as my personal scrapbook of all the little things i come across everyday that I find beautiful - a compilation of finger-food recipes, tiny collectable items, and intricate crafts. it has since, not surprisingly so, evolved into an (almost) exclusively cooking blog.

aside from writing, cooking has also always been an outlet for me - a way to relax, unwind, and lose myself in a simple pleasure. and, food in general, has played a tremendous role in my life. It is over meals that i have both laughed and cried. it is over meals that i have turned new chapters in my life, met new friends, and deepened my love for my family. it is only fitting, then, that i share my feelings with you alongside a recipe.

on these pages, you will find a reflection of me. just as i have grown, this blog has grown with me. and, in many ways, it has facilitated my growth. when i put my thoughts to words, i am able to reflect upon them. i am able to mull them over, consider their meaning, and accept them. when I share my thoughts with you, i validate them. sharing with you, has made me better understand myself. 

in all, starting this blog is probably one of the best decisions i have ever made. and, despite veering from my original intention, my sentiment (and namesake of this blog), remains the same: it's the little things that impart joy, make us laugh, and carry the deepest meaning. it's the little things that we most desire and cherish. it's the little things that have the most profound impact on our lives. i guess this blog is just one of those little things...

i have so enjoyed the recipe-journal journey that this blog has become, and i welcome you to join me to see where it will lead next!

i truly appreciate you visiting.