Our Trip

It has been a while, and for good reason. Henry and I spent the last week on our annual ski trip, this year taking it a step farther than Vermont and heading out to Utah. Magical Utah – a place of enchanting beauty and breathtaking scenery. Although Henry goes every year with his family, it was my first time (and I think it is safe to say that it will not be my last). I could not have fathomed a more peaceful and undisturbed place to do nothing more than appreciate each other … and ski.

We stayed in a quaint village at the base of a mountain called Solitude – and solitude it provided – the absolute antithesis of our life in New York City. We spent the week doing exactly what we both love, together.

Mornings were spent waking up to the sun rising over the mountain and sharing a quiet breakfast together in front of the fireplace. Days were spent alone in the wilderness, – hiking in the canyon and skiing through the trees, with no other sound than our skis carving patterns in the snow. Afternoons were spent laughing and sharing beers on the porch, quickly forgetting our sore muscles and chapped faces. And nights – spent back by the fire, huddled over warm food and shared with the best of company.

Life was simple. Life was sweet.  There was no work to be done, no bills to pay, no errands to run. It was the two of us at our best: together.

Although the trip is over, the sweet memories remain.

Until next year…

(Happy Valentine’s Day).

Devil's Food Cake with Fudge Frosting

(this recipe isn't mine to add - it is from the Williams-Sonoma Dessert book - which I highly recommend, if you don't have it already. Just so I'm not fully teasing you - click here for a very similar recipe)